SAC Committee

The Charles Hay World School, School Accountability Committee is also authorized to publicize opportunities to serve on the School Accountability Committee and solicit parents to do so, assist in implementing the district’s parent engagement policy at the school, and assist school personnel to increase parents’ engagement with teachers. A more comprehensive description of the composition of SAC and its responsibilities is available on the Colorado Department of Education website. 

Charles Hay World School 

School Accountability Committee 2023-24

  • The school accountability committee (SAC) serves in an advisory role to the school Principal. It is made up of the Principal, parents and any staff members interested in attending. 

  • Focus for the 2023-2024 school year will include, but not limited to:

    • Make recommendations to the Principal on school priorities for spending school funds prior to adoption of the school budget.

    • Provide input annually regarding the school’s Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).

    • Review and discuss the implementation of the school improvement plan and student performance related to the school’s improvement activities. 

    • Assisting the district in implementing at the school level the district’s parent engagement policy. 

    • Assist school personnel to increase the level of parent engagement in the school, especially the engagement from diverse populations. 

  • Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month from 4:30-5:30