SAC Committee

The Charles Hay World School, School Accountability Committee is also authorized to publicize opportunities to serve on the School Accountability Committee and solicit parents to do so, assist in implementing the district’s parent engagement policy at the school, and assist school personnel to increase parents’ engagement with teachers. A more comprehensive description of the composition of SAC and its responsibilities is available on the Colorado Department of Education website. 

Charles Hay World School

School Accountability Committee 2021-22

Mission:  The CHWS School Accountability Committee stands to function as a shared leadership experience between parents, community members, and school staff members that positively impacts students’ learning and overall experience at CHWS. 

SAC Committee Zoom Link

Committee Goals:

  1. To rebuild the CHWS community.

  2. Create an updated Mission and Vision for student experiences at CHWS. 


Meeting Dates and Focus:

  • August-October

    • Review 2021-22 UIP and provide feedback to Principal

  • Nov.-May

    • Progress Monitor UIP - Principal will provide updates on implementation from feedback from SAC/DAC

  • Mar.-May

    • 2022-23 UIP Template Available - begin planning for the next school year


Meeting Dates & Agendas

1st Quarter:

  • Sept. 23rd Agenda

    • Introductions & Ice Breaker

    • Define our purpose and mission

      • What do I, as a parent, want to accomplish through this committee?

      • What do I, as a parent, want for my child throughout their experience @ Hay?

    • Goal Setting

      • Review the Hay Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)

      • Review the Hay 90 Day Plan (1st Semester Goals)

      • Set 1-2 Goals for the year

    • Name next steps for Oct. 28th Meeting

2nd Quarter:

  • Oct. 28th Agenda

    • Introduction & Ice Breaker

    • DAC Report

    • Principal Report on Instructional Practices

    • Introduction to school success indicators discussion

      • How do we define success for students at Charles Hay?

      • How might we want to redefine or build on how we define student success?

    • Name next steps for Dec. 16th Meeting

  • Dec. 16th Agenda

    • Principal Report

      • Review School Progress

    • DAC Report

    • CHWS Budget Priorities for 2022-23

    • Name next steps for Jan. 27th Meeting

3rd Quarter:

  • Jan. 27th Agenda

    • DAC Report

    • Plans to continue Community Building 

    • Continue School Success indicator discussion  

    • Prepping for New Leadership

  • Feb. 24th Agenda

    • Meet the new Principal

    • Final Draft of Mission & Vision for Instruction

    • Begin work on Equity

      • Define what it is

      • Name action for

        • Family

        • Staff

        • Students

    • Continue School Success indicator discussion  

      • Climate Culture Survey for Students

        • Frequency to which we assess?

    • Prepping for New Leadership

      • What data do you want to continue to have access to?

      • What 2-3 focal points do you want as a priority for staff next year?  Do these focal points align with the school Mission and Vision for instruction?

4th Quarter:

  • April 28th Agenda

    • Organize work from the year to start the following year. 

    • Map out meetings for the following year. 



  • Co-Chair

    • Tiffany Kapler

    • Jenny Lynch

  • Principal or Designee

    • Matt Palermo & Brianne Teichmann

  • Community Member

    • Pamela Moore

  • PTSA Member

    • Jason Spiller

    • Jesica Spiller

  • Parent Members

    • Tiffany Kapler

    • Megan Farruggia

    • Jolie Price

    • Susan Young

    • Mary Drummond

    • Amber Reyes

    • Angela Moreira

    • Jenny Lynch

    • Jamie Rogers