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Hay Stories

Join us for a night to showcase our Specials classes-

  • a visual and kinesthetic story of our school
  • Art displayed, printmaking/putt-putt/robotics art/student-led instrument demonstrations/Chinese jump ropes stations, cardio drum performances, fundraiser incentives (Cooky races kids in obstacle course, Frisina/Wilbert get pies in the face!
Cougar Read-Athon

Cougar Read-Athon

Hey, Cougar families!

We are excited to see all the donations coming in. Thank you so much! However, we’re halfway through and only at approximately 30% of our goal. Please make sure you have registered at and shared their page with friends, families, and co-workers.

Next week is the final week of the Cougar Read-Athon. Is your student(s) reading 20 minutes a day? Here are some tips to help make reading fun!

  • Take turns reading with your child. After you read a chapter together, discuss it.

  • Offer an incentive. If they’ve read their 20 minutes every day for a week offer some extra screen time. Or give your child a sticker after completing their reading.

  • Create a designated reading area for your child. Setting up a cozy corner with their favorite pillow and blanket for reading can make it more fun.

Prizes will go home every Tuesday and Friday. If your kiddos haven't received their prizes yet, don't worry! The teachers have a lot going on. Hopefully, most of them will have had a chance to get the first round out by today.

Keep up the great work Cougars!

Fundraising Tip:

Get your kid(s) involved when asking for donations. Have your student write and/or practice a script about why they are raising money for Charles Hay. Don't forget to include what they are reading during the Read-Athon. Post live on social media. Be sure to include a link to their personal donation page.