Arrival and Dismissal

2023/2024 Procedures


  • Students may arrive on campus between 7:35am - 7:55am. During this time, students may access breakfast if they would like.  If students are not having breakfast, they will have access to the playground, field and courtyard under adult supervision if they arrive before 7:55am.

    • Students will enter through the courtyard doors for breakfast.

    • In the instance of inclement weather, students will be inside and sit in the halls outside of their classroom.

    • All students can be dropped off on East Eastman, no students will be dropped off on the access road between CHWS and Barde Park. There is no parking on the south side of Eastman during arrival and dismissal.

  • At 7:55am, students will line up by class on the basketball courts and their teachers will come and meet them outside.

  • The school day for the 2023-2024 school year will begin promptly  at 8:00am for all students. Please have students here by 8:00am!



  • Dismissal for Kindergarten students will be at 2:50 and 1st-5th grades will begin promptly at 3:00pm.

  • All students will be released on the south side of the school near Eastman.  Teachers will be outside with all students.

    • Students can be picked up from the car line or walking up to the dismissal area. Students can only be picked up by adults indicated on Infinite Campus. Please contact the main office or use the parent portal to add additional adults.

      • Walk Up: If you are walking up to pick up your child(ren), please park in the neighborhood. No cars can be parked in the car pickup line. Your student may be released to you when you walk up as soon as you make contact with their teacher. Teachers keep track of who is picked up each day. Please only use crosswalks to cross any streets.

      • Car Line: If you are in the car line, please remain in your car and your student will walk up once they see your car. You must fill out the Google Form with vehicle information for students to be released to appropriate cars. The car line will begin at the bench area in front of the main office, as shown on the map below. As students are picked up, please continue to move up in line. Older siblings should pick up younger siblings before walking to their cars. If you would like them to be walked to their car by a staff member, please contact the front office and we will still walk them.

        • To enter the car line, turn on Lafayette Street off Dartmouth. 

        • It is a right turn only to exit on Downing from Eastman between 2:45-3:15pm.



Grade Levels

Location / Procedure



Drop-off & Pick-up in the car line along East Eastman Ave

DO NOT exit your car and no parking along this side of the street. Right turn only on Downing between 2:45 and 3:15pm.