International Baccalaureate

Charles Hay World School Mission Statement

Charles Hay cultivates a globally-aware community of diverse learners who, through inquiry, acquisition of knowledge, and collaboration, strive for excellence and action in themselves, their community, and the world.

What makes Charles Hay World School stand out from other elementary schools?

Charles Hay is the only elementary school in Englewood to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program for all students, from kindergarten through sixth grade.

What is IB?

The Primary Years Programme is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, in which teachers’ and students’ questions direct the learning, and is taught worldwide in over 140 countries. IB is recognized for its rigor, high quality and global emphasis. The focus is on the acquisition of essential knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes, and incorporating meaningful and relevant action into our learning. Every student at Charles Hay is considered a part of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and is taught to become a critical thinker and responsible citizen. Learn more here: PYP for Parents

What are the advantages of an IB curriculum? 

The IB curriculum prepares our students with 21st century skills. Students are encouraged to learn more about the world, think outside the box, research and note-take effectively, critique sources of information, communicate effectively with their peers and adults, and to solve problems in constructive ways. IB students gain multicultural understanding and an international perspective for an ever-changing world. Additionally, our curriculum reinforces the commitment to community and service and the impact our actions have on our world.

For more information on the IB program, use the menu options on the left side of this page or contact Leah Meier at You can also visit the International Baccalaureatte Organization's webpage


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